• Wrapping Up 2020

    We did it! Our teams returned to the fields this year and we're winding down our 2020 seasons. A big thank you goes out to all of the families that made this happen!

  • Our Mission

    Develop integrity and leadership in today's youth through sport.

    Triangle Sports is a non profit organization providing team, group, and individual skills development to students whose playing ability ranges from beginner to those preparing for college recruitment.


    Through development and growth in athletics, we empower youth on and off the field to maximize their potential in life. Triangle Sports is grounded in service to the community and focused on training our young people to be leaders in their community, imparting the values of hard work, self-discipline, and serving others.

  • The Triangle Sports Way

    These three principles define success in the Triangle Sports family. Regardless of individual talent level or the outcome of games, when our teams exhibit these values, we mark it as a win in our book.


    Do the right thing, every time. Even if an opponent mishandles a situation, we always maintain composure and sportsmanship.


    Coachable players get better every day. Just a little improvement, every day, compounds into success on and off the field.


    Never give up on a play, a game, or a season. We always give maximum effort, especially when no one is looking.

  • Be Ready For Every Season

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