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Our "Why"...

A look into why we started Triangle Sports

Travel baseball is broken.

Unlike other youth sports, baseball's travel organizations (basically anything other than your town's recreational league) remain fractured. New teams pop up every season and existing teams vanish overnight. If your child is ready for something more advanced than your town's recreational league, good luck finding a team that is looking for players and that also provides a fair, consistent tryout process.

How does Triangle Sports fix this?

Triangle Sports provides a home for every baseball player, not just the most talented. Within each age group, multiple teams are offered and each one is built around players of similar talent. As a player's skill grows, there are teams for them to grow into that match their new skill level. Providing a clear, viable path for growth builds the foundation for hard work and dedication within our players.

Triangle Sports focuses beyond your son's/daughter's athletic endeavors. Our mission statement and core values prioritize building character, integrity, and leadership in today's youth. Our coaches teach and evangelize proper sportsmanship and ethics as a part of every practice and game. Off the field, each team incorporates community service as another way to deliver on our mission statement.

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