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Looking good and feeling good

A quick peek into an exciting moment for our players

Smiles = Success

All of the hard work required to build Triangle Sports was validated for me one evening at our indoor practice location. In this moment no one was holding a glove, ball, or bat. It was just a group of kids who have known each other for about a week, with giant smiles on their faces. This was our organization's first victory.

Every player was smiling because they were trying on new uniforms. They put a jersey on, tested it out, and made sure their mom approved of the fit. That last step is always a smart move, by the way.

The testing was the part that struck me. All of the kids were so serious about it. Getting in stances, taking practice swings, and pretending to throw a pitch were some of the most common ways of ensure the fit was "just right". Everyone was excited to put on their new uniforms. You could see that they felt like they were part of something bigger.

We started Triangle Sports with a goal of supporting southwest Wake County's need for a consistent, high quality baseball organization. Every city in our area has a fantastic recreational program serving its citizens, but at some point families and players are looking for a bigger baseball challenge. That's where we come in. We give kids yearning to try out the travel ball experience a home.

Our uniform package, like our organization, is intended to be a "step up" from what you normally see. Thanks to sponsors like Oakley, a relationship with Squad Locker that gets us great deals on uniforms, and support from manufacturers like Boombah, we are able to provide each player with an amazing offering of gear.

Thank you to our co-founders, board of directors, coaches, and families (new and existing) for making this dream a reality and for helping to put a smile on a bunch of faces before we even step on the field. Now the real fun begins...

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